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dena::dbcontext Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool check_alive ()
virtual void clear_error ()
virtual void close_tables_if ()
virtual void cmd_exec (dbcallback_i &cb, const cmd_exec_args &args)
virtual void cmd_open (dbcallback_i &cb, const cmd_open_args &args)
 dbcontext (volatile database *d, bool for_write)
virtual bool get_commit_error ()
virtual void init_thread (const void *stack_botton, volatile int &shutdown_flag)
virtual void lock_tables_if ()
virtual void set_statistics (size_t num_conns, size_t num_active)
virtual void table_addref (size_t tbl_id)
virtual void table_release (size_t tbl_id)
virtual void term_thread ()
virtual void unlock_tables_if ()

Private Types

typedef std::map
< table_name_type, size_t > 
typedef std::pair< std::string,
std::string > 
typedef std::vector
< tablevec_entry

Private Member Functions

size_t calc_filter_buf_size (TABLE *table, const prep_stmt &pst, const record_filter *filters)
int check_filter (dbcallback_i &cb, TABLE *table, const prep_stmt &pst, const record_filter *filters, const uchar *filter_buf)
void cmd_find_internal (dbcallback_i &cb, const prep_stmt &pst, ha_rkey_function find_flag, const cmd_exec_args &args)
void cmd_insert_internal (dbcallback_i &cb, const prep_stmt &pst, const string_ref *fvals, size_t fvalslen)
void cmd_sql_internal (dbcallback_i &cb, const prep_stmt &pst, const string_ref *fvals, size_t fvalslen)
void dump_record (dbcallback_i &cb, TABLE *const table, const prep_stmt &pst)
bool fill_filter_buf (TABLE *table, const prep_stmt &pst, const record_filter *filters, uchar *filter_buf, size_t len)
int modify_record (dbcallback_i &cb, TABLE *const table, const prep_stmt &pst, const cmd_exec_args &args, char mod_op, size_t &modified_count)
int bool parse_fields (TABLE *const table, const char *str, prep_stmt::fields_type &flds)
void resp_record (dbcallback_i &cb, TABLE *const table, const prep_stmt &pst)
int set_thread_message (const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf

Private Attributes

bool commit_error
volatile database *const dbref
bool for_write_flag
std::vector< char > info_message_buf
bool lock_failed
table_map_type table_map
table_vec_type table_vec
THD * thd
bool user_level_lock_locked
int user_level_lock_timeout
std::auto_ptr< expr_user_lockuser_lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file database.cpp.

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